"Being a technology driven organization with a wide spread in the field, we needed an online solution for NPS that is robust as well as scalable. KFin Technologies Private Limited (KFintech) in the capacity of a CRA supported us with a customized solution which complemented our efforts resulting in generation of our targeted PRANs. The operational support provided by dedicated team members, almost round the clock during special campaigns, also deserves a special appreciation. Together with KFintech, we look forward to promote NPS across the country."

CSC e- Governance Service India Limited

"With our prior experience in supporting POPs in promoting NPS, we realized that we needed an online platform to maximize the efforts taken at the ground level. The online solution provided by KFintech helped us to achieve this. The best part of the solution was that, it allowed us to activate multiple channels like App based channel, assisted sales channel etc. In addition to this, the operational support and down to earth attitude of the entire KCRA team including the seniors made them readily approachable for quick action. We look forward to be the number one POP by partnering with KFintech as a CRA."

HDFC Pension Management Company Limited

"We would like to thank KCRA for partnering with us in our endeavor to offer a completely online solution for National Pension System, directly from HDFC Bank website where PRAN is allotted to subscribers in real-time for Bank's large base of customers. We would also like to acknowledge that KCRA is as much agile as reliable. KCRA was able to implement PAN-based registration in less than 48 hours. It is also important to note that even during the lock-down, the services of KCRA remain unaffected."

HDFC Bank Ltd

"NPS provides the world's lowest cost retirement saving for an average Indian. At ETMONEY, we wanted to bring this benefit to millions of Indians on their mobile. In KFin Technologies Private Limited (KFintech) we found an able partner who helped us build a seamless digital NPS solution. KFintech had a stable API-based solution ready for us and we found them very flexible to build customizations as per our needs. With constant technical and operational support from KFintech, we went operational in a reasonably short period of time. We intend to continue our partnership with KFintech to keep promoting NPS and create value for our customers."

ET Money